About Pag-Ulikid Pilipinas

Officially launched on September 2, 2022, Pag-Ulikid, is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Iloilo, Philippines. Through Pag-Ulikid, the Visayas island, being in the center of the country reaches out to Luzon and Mindanao – unified with one goal for the Filipinos.

Then-presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr’s Region 6 election campaign team ignited the idea of putting effort onsustainable humanitarian programs.They believe that helping Filipino communities should continue even after he is sworn into the highest public office.

Pag-ulikid (Hiligaynon term for compassion for others with a sense of looking back at the past with gratitude and desire to pay it forward), was guided and spearheaded by Virma Yasa Apostol, who was then the presidential election campaign coordinator for Region 6. It was during this time that the purpose of the organization was consolidated: to be a social development program dedicated to help alleviate social concerns of the Filipino people through various medical outreach programs and relief and rescue operations nationwide. 

Our Vision

To be the primary charitable organization to serve as bridge between the First Lady LAM and the Filipino masses regardless of age, regional, religious and political affiliation 

Our Mission

To improve the challenges in thehealth sector through on-groundand online programs, integratingmedical awareness in collaborationwith multi-sectoral stakeholders atnational and sub-national levels inthe countryTo assist and support duringnatural and man-madecalamaties, empoweringsurvivors to rebuild and moveforward to a better future